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Move, breathe and feel better through the power of yoga and meditation.

For all Yoga Services, it's best to email



Group Session


Book a private group session with friends, family, or colleagues.


A perfect way to cultivate more meaningful relationships with the ones closest to you. 


Corporate Classes


Maitri Health has an extensive background in delivering appropriate yoga and mindfulness practices to a variety of different work environments.  

We have worked with LSKD, Redbull, Queensland Education, and Active Escapes.


Eating Disorder Recovery Support (Online)

Private 1:1 Classes

Online $65

In Person $100

At Maitri Health we are mindful of all bodies and movement capabilities. If you are someone looking to begin your yoga journey or grow your practice, this is a great place to start. It’s all about you and your needs.


This allows us to tailor a yoga class to you, share space together and get a better understanding of your needs and aspirations. 

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